The Advanced Manufacturing Pathways Schools Project – November 2023

The Advanced Manufacturing Pathways Schools Project – A Cross Border Initiative , held a pioneering event recently in Portview Belfast .
Participation on this innovative project gives teachers the opportunity for upskilling in the key areas of advanced manufacturing technologies ,with a network of support and collaboration across schools , and their students gain access to learning about new technological advancements .
There is a rooted commitment to promoting cross community and cross-border peace building within this project.
Collaboration between schools in Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland fosters a sense of cooperation among students from all backgrounds. Through joint projects, workshops, and cultural exchanges, opportunities are created for students to learn about each other’s traditions, values, and perspectives.
The Advanced Manufacturing Pathways School’s Project is an exciting endeavour that seeks to empower students with the skills, knowledge, and cultural awareness needed to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.
By combining cutting-edge technologies with a focus on community building, we can create a truly transformative educational experience for all
students involved.
We are extremely proud to be involved in this innovative project with such inspiring partners.