Cyber Security and Advanced Manufacturing

Cyber security technologies and practices are critical to ensure the continuity of manufacturing operations as companies embrace Industry 4.0.

Traditionally factory floor and office networks were separated, minimising the risk to factory operations. The transition to Industry 4.0 however has changed this landscape. Both factory and business networks are now becoming interconnected to drive the benefits of digital manufacturing and these ever-increasing levels of connectivity can expose factory systems to the threat of a cyber-attack.



Manufacturing currently accounts for almost 25% of all cyber-attacks.

Cyber Security and the AMTCE

The AMTCE was established to support the advanced manufacturing sector in Ireland as companies undergo a digital transformation through the adoption of Industry 4.0 related technologies and processes.

Now, in partnership with key ecosystem players, the AMTCE can provide access and delivery of a wide range of Cyber security related training programmes such as apprenticeships and skills focused courses, delivering the necessary skills and knowledge required to improve and develop the Cyber security IQ of Ireland’s Advanced Manufacturing workforce.