What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a training and education programme. It mixes learning in a college or training institution with work-based learning in a company. At least half of apprenticeship learning is done on the job.

As an apprentice, you earn while you learn. You have a formal employment contract, and you are paid a salary during your apprenticeship training. Apprenticeships can last between two and four years.

Apprenticeships also lead to internationally recognised qualifications. These range from level 6 to level 10 on the National Framework of Qualifications

Apprenticeships at the AMTCE

Apprenticeships at the AMTCE offer an excellent opportunity to establish a rewarding career in a variety of sectors within the economy such as Advanced Manufacturing, ICT, Pharma or Food and beverage manufacturing, and can provide a pathway into Level 7-9 qualifications in Institutes of Technology or University.


Information for Career Seekers

Information for Employers

Information for Career Seekers

Information for Employers

Further information is available from the co-ordinating provider for this apprenticeship – Fastrack into Information Technology( FIT)

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